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Massage can ease the aches and pains from common ailments such as tight shoulders, stiff necks and achy lower backs.


I use a variety of advanced soft tissue techniques designed to help clients out of pain within 1-6 sessions.  I have trained with the Jing Institute of Advanced Massage and offer holistic medical massage, trigger point therapy, soft tissue release and advanced stretching techniques.  I have successfully helped clients with neck and shoulder pain, shoulder rotation complaints, lower back pain such as sciatica-like symptoms.  I am always looking for ways to help people out of pain.


I also offer Hot Stone Fusion Massage which is a supremely luxurious treatment, described as "magical".  Heated stones are used to massage the body, providing a nurturing and enhanced therapeutic effect.  The application of heat not only increases the feeling of wellbeing but also helps me work more deeply and more effectively with chronic pain conditions.


Furthermore I have specialised training in Pregnancy Massage (also with Jing). There are many benefits to having massages through all stages of pregnancy, from easing the seemingly inevitable backache to helping the mother's sense of wellbeing in preparation for giving birth.  It's such a privilege to be able to help mums-to-be in this very practical way.


Massage can help you get back in touch with your body and come back into yourself.  It can help you feel more centred and promote a sense of wellbeing.


I like to meet clients first to go though a brief medical history, discuss your needs and your treatment goals.  In our first session we can then choose which areas to concentrate on to benefit you most on that particular day.


A session is usually 1 hours including consultation.

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