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"You know exactly where I need work, even when I don't."


"I'm always surprised how much stress my body carries around, even when I think I've got it out of my head."


"I need my monthly MOT massage."


"It's such a relief to come here and describe symptoms, find out that you know what might be causing the problem and then have it treated.  Thank you."


"I've stopped going to the chiropractor since I started coming to you for massage. You sort out all my niggles and I feel the benefit from massage much longer."


"When I come for a massage with you, I know you're going to put me back together - make all the jigsaw pieces fit again."


"That was worth every penny - and more!"


"Dear Ann – ah those fingers really are magic.  I had started to think my head and my shoulders were one immutable block of something solid.  Now they can operate in concert but independently, and without pain.  Huzzah!  Not only that, but I had an excellent night’s sleep, so am significantly more alert than yesterday. Huzzah again!"


"Life enhancing, life affirming and life changing.  My first massage with Ann came at a time of much stress, especially at work.  The stress was taking over, and life didn't feel all that rewarding. M y first, second, third visits to Ann made me re-evaluate how I felt, and in particular helped me to realise that I didn't need to feel taken over.  I resolved not to allow a busy job to dominate; I resolved that it was legitimate to take time for myself; I resolved that I was no longer going to let negativity get the upper hand. I have no doubt that Ann's reassuring and calming approach has helped me reassess my life in very positive ways."


"Massage with you is like Miles Davis; it's technically brilliant but wonderfully creative.  And it just flows."


"Dear Ann, A note to say thank you for my massage last week.  My shoulder feels incredibly better and I've been singing your praises to anyone who'll listen!  See you next week and thanks again."


"Ann offers a unique service.  Not only is she a great massage therapist, but she is also a really good communicator who is interested in her client's wellbeing before, during and after the massage.  I think this is part of her vision of massage; she takes a holistic approach to treating the person and proceeds from the idea that body and mind work in unison.  The unique thing about the whole package is that Ann likes to meet you before your first massage to get a picture of where you are physically and to establish what will be best for you during the massage.  For me this meant that the whole experience was just really relaxing, and I rounded it off with a lovely stroll on Portobello prom.  Not just your average massage!"


"Ann is a true professional and insists on identifying the problem or areas the client wishes to be worked on before proceeding and then treats the whole body to ensure overall wellbeing.  Her treatment room is lovely, perfect location and I thoroughly enjoy the massages."


"I went to Ann for a 'Holistic Massage' not quite knowing what to expect.  Ann is the 'Queen of Calm' and immediately put me at ease and started working her magic on me and my tired body.  The treatment was incredibly relaxing and not only did I remain very quiet throughout as I felt so relaxed (unusual for me!) but I also slept the deepest sleep afterwards."


"I would highly recommend a treatment with Ann to those who have specific problems or those who just wish to maintain good health and treat themselves to a very relaxing treatment."


"The massage was great; I left with an immediate glow or warmth that lasted for some time and the 'knottedness' that comes after being hunched over a computer is now much shorter-lived!  Thank you for another very relaxing massage.  Your easy manner and interest in the client add to the sense of relaxation and wellbeing."


"A delightfully relaxing and reviving experience - how wonderful to be given dedicated time and care tailored perfectly to my every need and whim!  I feel longer, stronger and happier as a result, and have learned to be more in tune with my body's grumbles - meaning I know when it's time for another massage!"


"I really enjoy coming to Ann for a massage.  The frantic pace of my life is on pause for a while and Ann helps me concentrate on myself.  After the massage I feel better physically and I am certainly relaxed. I look forward to massages with Ann - they are one of the highlights of my month!"


"A massage from Ann is a treat - she manages to create a sense of calm that allows me to unwind (and occasionally nod off!).  As well as being a very relaxing experience, she has also done wonders in relieving a niggling shoulder problem.  I have had no hesitation in recommending Ann to friends, family and colleagues, and will continue to do so - she is a great holistic massage therapist."


"Massage helps my body feel connected and helps me reconnect with my body.  It's the cumulative effect of coming regularly for massage."


"I didn't realise how tense I was until I lay down on the table.  I now feel better than when I walked in - a lot better!"


"I hoped you could sort me out and that's exactly what you did.  Thank you."


"I really felt worn out when I arrived, fell asleep twice on your massage table, and then felt wide awake and refreshed.  What’s in that massage oil?"


"Just a note to thank you for the great pregnancy massages.  They have definitely helped to relieve the aches and pains, but - perhaps more importantly - have helped me to unwind - not my strongest point!"

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